some people.


some people come into your life for just a moment, to sort out the chaos that has taken over & to put everything back where it belongs. they come quietly and leave even more quietly, perhaps not even realizing the relief they’ve brought you. they come at a time where you can’t seem to remember what genuine kindness and unconditional love feel like. they make sure your scars have healed before leaving, and even when they're gone their footprints never fade. you knew one person could break you remorselessly but you never knew someone could heal you so fast. 

blackout poetry


her dark eyes closed and
she fell among the flowers,
asleep and
out of sight.

the stars spoke through silver bells,
never empty of expression,
yet silent.

blackout poetry is my new favorite thing. :)

{p.s. this is my 100th post! It's crazy to think about how much I've shared here and how much I enjoy doing so. thanks for sticking by me!}

be good to yourself.


learn to love everything about yourself, the way your eyes scrunch and your face dimples when you smile, the way your eyebrows start to grow wild when you don't get them done, the way your eyes are sometimes bloodshot, the places where your skin always creases, the way your eyes are too small and your nose is too big, the way your cheeks flush sometimes and the color doesn't recede, how much you weigh, the color of your eyes, the way your hair gets frizzy in humid weather, the way it turns into wild curls when you let it air-dry, the strange-shaped birthmarks on your arms, the way your voice sounds when you're angry or when you're nervous or when you're sad, the way color floods into your face, the way you can't control your excitement when you're happy, the way your laugh sounds when you're nearly hysterical about something. these things aren't going to change. your eyes are not going to change color, nose isn't going to shrink, your hair isn't going to magically straighten or curl itself. it's easier to hate these things than to love them, but they are what make you special. they aren't flaws, they are just the things that make you the perfect person you are. be good to yourself. 

Why I Hate Social Media (Sometimes)


I'm not going to lie, I'm a religious user of social networks like Snapchat and Instagram. Whenever I'm bored, I find myself scrolling through my Instagram feed or looking through people's Snapchat stories. I don't disagree with the main idea of social media - it's nice to share aspects of our lives with others and vice versa. But there's also a negative aspect to social media; negative emotions that are sometimes linked with it.

It's easy to grow jealous when your friend hits a thousand Instagram followers before you, when nobody comments on your selfie but thirty separate people comment every variation of "cute" on your friend's post. So many people overshare and post constantly, sometimes making you feel like you're boring and have nothing to say. People create a perfect, airbrushed version of their lives through social media, making themselves seem blissfully happy. When we're constantly scrolling through filtered photos of the highlights of people's eventful lives, it's easy to think our lives are subpar or static.

Self-worth can't be determined by the number of likes or heart eyes you receive on Instagram. A friendship isn't reflected by the length of a snapchat streak. You can be pretty without your followers insisting that you are. Just because nobody has messaged you in the past five minutes doesn't mean people don't like you. Without constant notifications on your phone, you're just as lovable. As a child, you didn't need constant virtual conversations to be happy - why should you now? It's not real loneliness, it's a manufactured sense of loneliness that society unwittingly created.

There's a wonderful life you live, and it doesn't need to be constantly documented and shared with others. Truth is: people have nothing to prove to you, and most importantly, you have nothing to prove to anyone.

Do you use social media? How do you feel about it?



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sometimes all you can do is turn up the music really loud and drown out everything around you.

sometimes you can't help but overthink and let yourself be overcome with insecurity.

all you can give out is love, overflowing with kind words for friends because you've been sad and you don't want anyone else to be sad.

nothing matters more, nobody is more important, than yourself.

once in a while, you'll always miss the way things used to be. 

missing people is a part of life... but it doesn't need to take over. 

magical moments can't be recaptured, sparks won't come back. remember fondly but don't always wish you're still living in the past.

people come & go. move on and go find yourself, it's more important.

give yourself time to recharge and just be by yourself.

don't bring back old thoughts that hurt for no real reason.

sometimes things that shouldn't hurt just end up hurting, it's normal.

sometimes the people who truly make you happy are the ones who are hidden. who you chat every couple days but never really notice how much they mean to you. sometimes your love will be a little misdirected but that's okay because you live and learn right? 

sometimes your heart will trick you into believing things that aren't true...

but eventually you're finally happy. not the can't-contain-your-excitement kind of happiness that can vanish at the slightest development. not the kind when you can't stop grinning and you can barely stand still. no, the kind where you're satisfied and content.

nobody is forever, but happiness can be.